Instead qu’obligatoirement, whole class goes to confess such a day at such an hour, let the children the right to do it when they please.

I know that however men and women who understood the inadequacy of the recovery and know that it is not enough of an external patching, surface modernization, to permanently retain young in the old house, but it’s a new life that must penetrate and animate the building. So it speaks well of Christianity, and even a Christian life, a “Christianity takes the child and the whole door to think, act and react as a Christian, and this not only on time the Sunday Mass or a particular circumstance, but always and everywhere, both the home and at school, in the street or visiting: in 10 years, in 30 years, now. “And we would agree, but such implementation would require a free membership of the child to a life of art in which it is integrated both socially and psychologically and psychically.

The rest of the article from which we borrow our quotations shows us that it is it still only words and that the new Catholic teaching will only modify the methods and methods of application. “Instead qu’obligatoirement, whole class goes to confess such a day at such an hour, let the children the right to do it when they please. Propose the thing to suggest it, the easier, but do not impose it. “…” Are there a catechism lesson to recite tedious and long if the master must poll turns all students, the work is made more alive and faster if, team, each little chef asks four or five crew. “…” Should we, with younger, study the main French ports.

By making them look who embarks there, get them talking missionaries; take the opportunity to explain that every Christian must be a “missionary” in his own way and create a collective prayer for those who go preach the gospel far from home. “” Let’s not teach, do act our students are doing the mime, singing, even tinker. Use for this purpose, all the techniques for a truly active learning. Is it, for example, explain the catechism chapter on the church’s pastors.

From the one hand, images and photos showing the Pope, the Vatican, bishops, bishops consecration a bishop confirming ordering, etc …; On the other hand the parish priests as children know, what they have seen them do, contacts they had with them, what priests do for them. “I think to distort the truth by saying that these quotes are characteristic of the spirit in which Catholics propose to introduce in their school’s new education or active methods. No need to explain to our readers who understand very well that this is where a new educational cartoon.

Catholics try to take our achievements not those aimed at the liberation and rise of the child, but only processes that could modernize, so make less daunting, less crying anachronism, an initiation that remains, despite everything, determined and systematic. Catholics can do besides think otherwise: even children would not return to the old house. Until now, children were taken by the ear to bring them, or we draw them with a cake a promise.

We will now try the trick of active methods that succeeded elsewhere. It is the right of Catholics. And we wonder even how far it is their right. Only, we want you to be very honest in this innovation: Catholics will never be with us for the real new education liberating because, whether we like it or not, the children return to the old house only when are forced open by any means. We plan, us, the problem from another angle.

Education is above all a life technique. And a technique of life is taught by either a definition or a precept or a catechism. It requires an environment in which the child becomes accustomed to act according to standards that fall definitively in his behavior.

Catholics recognize the “if we are Christians” thoroughly “in every detail of our lives, it will shock the minds of children who are watching us, judge us and imitate us …” But where do you find today this environment “thoroughly Christian” might impregnate the children of a Christian life skill? Looking around me: Catholics seek, themselves, into their community.

The middle “thoroughly Christian” is only a rare exception on which Catholics are therefore unlikely to be able to base the education of children who would bring in their old house. Words, beautiful formulas, exhortations will not change the thing: since they can not rely on the medium to give a technique of Christian life for their students , Catholics will be reduced to study, develop, applying indoctrination techniques, more efficient than he finds them even failure, but, whatever the attenuated forms, remain outside training techniques, which are not afraid to bully needs and underlying trends of individuals, provided that will continue and triumph the church.

We will, firstly, showed how we are able today we rationalists, to offer children a formative medium, which has its own rules, laws, traditions, martyrs and saints and where children can no indoctrination to prepare to live a life that both morally and intellectually, or social, can face the comparison with the Catholic formation. We decortiquerons other hand some of indoctrination techniques Catholicism is modernizing.

We will see to what extent we could, with or without the Catholics answer the call Louis Graillon launches in the School of Life And number one, “the time it does not come, after so much material destruction and spiritual, while the children’s problem becomes strictly scary, to give priority to education, and to start coming out of the routine, to form a common front of all educators? “Attachment Size expects secular schools to assert its ideology? 262.56 KB Author Freinet Print

3 Results this week without a screen! For the School Aime Legall 19/05/12 – 12:35 In: Dating, Life exchanges the cooperative class citizenship if we may together accept the challenge: “Can we for a week we go to our screens ? “Classes Aime Legall. 2011-2012 More Papers hope and pedestrians allowed by the School of Guerche 13/12/09 – 11:30 In: Dating, Life exchanges the cooperative class, citizenship papers, we hope went to see an association: the papers of hope.

Two gentlemen told us their actions to collect money and give it to countries where there are not many schools like Senegal, Mali and several countries in South America. They pick up the paper already written and they resell to companies that recycle. Oriane Zoe 2009-2010 Learn more visit Eka and Nana By School of the Guerche 15/11/09 – 12:39 In: Dating, Life exchanges the cooperative class, Eka citizenship and Nana came to see us. They watched how they worked in the classroom.

Eka only spoke French, it was translated for Nana. the 2009-2010 class Read more
2 Results literary trends In: French October 1991 This file provides a framework to help everyone build his literary knowledge by placing them within the many trends of our literary history. BT2 No.

240 literary trends of the Song of Roland in Onitsha Jean-Marie Le Clezio, doc.pdf Authors: Site BT2 ICEM and Michel Pilorget 1 attachment Kosovo or Kosova November 2003 This paper presents the state that made headlines in the news in 1999, when the Yugoslav conflict. The text of the BT2, published in 2003, joined a 2013 update where the author mentions some aspects of the evolution of the situation.

Kosovo or Kosova .pdf document 2,8Mo Authors: Site BT2 ICEM and Michel Pilorget Read more 1 attachment
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